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Together, with our partner
First Response™...

We’re rebuilding our nationwide support group communities and helping thousands (re)gain their emotional strength.

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How can a RESOLVE Support Group help?

Many people struggling with infertility feel isolated, and that feeling has been compounded by the pandemic. RESOLVE's support groups provide a safe space to meet others facing similar struggles with infertility and family building. The pandemic has impacted our support groups with many groups unable to meet in person, leaving huge gaps of support in communities for people who need it most. Together, with First Response™, we're committed to bringing new support groups to all 50 states in 2022.

It's been noted that emotional support while struggling to build a family can:

  • increase success rates for those in medical treatment

  • keep patients in the treatment process

  • help combat high rates of depression and anxiety among infertile couples (higher rates than fertile couples)

  • help process all the options they have to build a family

Is a Support Group Right For Me?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these statements, consider joining a RESOLVE support group:

  • Infertility is affecting my work and career.

  • I feel that my life plan is out of control.

  • I’m having trouble navigating through my medical treatment options.

  • I can’t decide when “enough is enough.”

  • Holidays and coping with family and friends is becoming more and more difficult.

  • I’m feeling lonely and isolated.

  • I have very few people to talk with about my infertility.

  • No one understands.

  • Everyone I know is pregnant or has children.

  • My partner is the only one I have who provides emotional support.

RESOLVE offers two different
support group options.

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Virtual Support Groups

These groups hosted by volunteers meet via Zoom and are often based on certain needs or interests.

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In-Person Support Groups

Groups hosted by a trained RESOLVE volunteer meet in local communities.

Find A Support Group

What We Do

RESOLVE, founded by a nurse experiencing infertility, created our first support group in 1974. Today, that nearly 50 year legacy carries on through our amazing volunteer network. Learn more about RESOLVE and hear from our founder.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Hosts

Sarah, Support Group Host  Charlotte, NC
Would I make a good Support Group Host?

If you feel like any of these statements apply to you, we think you'd make a great RESOLVE Support Group host.

  • I understand the power of support and want to bring it to my community.

  • I want to give back to this community.

  • I'm interested in connecting with others.

  • I'm comfortable listening to other people's infertility stories.

  • I understand not everyone's story is the same and people find resolution in different ways.

Hear from a Support Group Member

Taneak, Support Group Member  Charlotte, NC


Tips for Family and Friends

Although infertility is widely acknowledged as a crisis for individuals and couples, it is less recognized as a trauma that impacts their families. 

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Tips for Supporting Your Friends who are TTC

Discover tips for supporting your friends who are trying to conceive as well as information for how to handle it when everyone around you is getting pregnant.

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Meet Jason and Lauren

Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs Kennedy talk about the support they received during their 4 1/2 year struggle.


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